Decline And Fall Of GOP?

The Republican party of the United States of America is fast approaching an historic moment regarding its future. The Senate passed by a vote of 68-32 a bill that provides a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants. More than a dozen Republican Senators voted for the bill. But, House Speaker John Boehner has made clear the Senate bill would not be accepted as is, and Republicans in the House of Representatives will put together their own version. Reality– there is no probability any bill coming out of the House stands any chance of being accepted by the Senate nor does it contain any likelihood that even a majority of Republicans will agree on anything that makes sense. Since Boehner will not allow a vote on an immigration bill that does not contain a majority vote of Republicans, no bill will be forthcoming.

Yes, states like Texas can still secure a majority white vote, but within twenty years even that bastion of stupidity will no longer contain a majority of bigots. Destiny lies in NUMBERS and those numbers indicate the end of  white European rule in America. By 2040 about 20% of people will be a mixture of white and dark. The numbers decide the future, not John Boehner.