Defeat Or Victory?

It is always fascianting how those who oppose tyranny at some point when gaining power decide to behave just as the oppressors do-but now claim they are defending themselves against tyranny. At leas thalf the population of Venezuela is up in arms at election results which indicate that Nicolas Maduro won the presidential election. He supposedly won with a 1.6 margin. Today, thousands fo people are in the streets of Caracas in order to demand a new vote count which they believe would prove that Henrique Capriles was the victor. Troops and police beat on students just as troops and police once beat up supporters of Hugo Chavez.

Capriles is urging protestors to beat on pots and pans. Naturaly, this leads Maduro to claim beating on pots and pans is simply step one in a great revolution. Sorry, Mr. Maduro, your economy is in danger, your support in teh country is in danger, the only thing left is to beat the hell out of opposition  folk–in the name of democracy!