Defend America, No Vacations

The Republican party is determinted to defend the American way of life. It is a well known American tradition that those who own dogs, take dogs for a walk and clean up the poop. Our gallant Michele Bachmann blasted President Obama and his wife who goes around with beautiful dresses while Michele can only afford less beautiful dresses of engaging in extravagant expenditures. First on her mind is the dog walker who walks Bo the dog of Sasha and Mali. Of course, there is no such  dog walker but if Michele claims there is one, what else can we do but acknowledge the intellectual giant of modern Republican thinking?

Representative Steve King joined in the effort to reduce our national debt. He is upset that at a time of austerity Sasha and Mali will be spending a week in the Bahamas. OK, so Republicans just spent a week at a resort blasting Democrats for not spending time with the homeless and sleeping in homeless beds, but if we care about our national debt halt all trips to the Bahamas or any place outside of