Defending Gun Owners

It is increasingly evident that those who love  guns are among the most persecuted people in the United States. For example, I can not even go to a bank with gun in hand without having some guard pull a gun and demand that I surrender what is my property! For  some reason when I was in Washington D.C. and wanted to enter the Halls of Congress some SOCIALIST THUG COP seized MY GUN and told me guns were not allowed in Congress!! How can they deny a God fearing white Christian(or Jew for that matter) the right to take guns where we damn well please??

I have placed a gun in my baby’s crib so that she can grow up loving guns. Of course, I place bullets in the gun since she has to learn early proper maintenance of guns. If we doesn’t then, boom, there goes another daughter. I have heard rumors that first graders will not be allowed to have guns in class if COMMUNIST SOCIALIST GUN HATING Barack Obama is re-elected president of this wonderful gun loving land.

Protect our children, stand up for loaded guns in every nook and crany of our society. Vote for those who love guns. Above all, get your four year old a gun for God’s sake! What if someone tried to rob him?