Defense Bill Might Be Cut!

The one consistency in American policy for the past half century is regardless if we are at peace or war, the Defense Department appropriation bill will increase, Actually, since 1950, the only American president who fought to significantly reduce war expenditures was Dwight D. Eisenhower. Of course, Eisenhower, unlike other presidents was a general who commanded millions of men and understood the battle cry of all generals is; MORE, MORE, MORE. MORE GUNS, MORE PLANES, MORE SHIPS, JUST GET US MORE. The doctrine of MORE is enshrined in Congress since along with MORE goes more jobs in their districts, more money to lobbyists and more profits to the corporate world. OK, in fairness, it means more men and women work, but they pay the price of their job in higher taxes.

Dwight Eisenhower in his parting speech warned America about the growing Military-Industrial coalition which exerted tremendous power over how military money was spent. He warned the nation had to be alert to this alliance, but his words have fallen on deaf ears.

Perhaps, someone can explain why we need a new generation of fighter planes? Exactly who possesses an airforce to compete with the one we have?