Defraud Government? Get New Contract!

The Republican party will howl in anger over a report that someone on welfare was able to purchase a bottle of wine with OUR money, but when it comes to business defrauding the government the sound of silence emanates from conservative ranks. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is among the few liberals in the Senate with the guts to take on big business. He issued a statement about hundreds of defense contractors who during the period 2007-2009 were issued about $288 billion in Defense Department contracts even though they were charged with fraud. For example, AEY Inc. received over $300 million in defense contracts despite being cited for poor performance. They shipped millions of rounds of ammunition that were banned Chinese bullets only repacked as coming from Albania. Most of the companies listed by Sanders had been the subject of civil judgments against them in cases that entailed at least a million dollars in fraud.

Of course, one might ask a simple question: why is an American company selling banned CHINESE bullets only they are packaged as coming from ALBANIA! What is that idea concerning jobs for Americans? Gee, I thought American companies could manufacture made-in-USA bullets!