Dehli Not Delightful For Females!

It is fascinating being an observer to the situation faced by women in nations like India or Pakistan. Religious leaders in those countries insist on strict adherence to moral values including respect for women. They frown on women walking the streets without supervision, they are furious if a woman is in a car with a male who is not their relative, but when males assault women the only conclusion is that females deserved to be attacked because somehow their attire or behavior justified male brutality.

Last week two females in India were riding on a public bus when a group of males jumped them and proceeded to rape and beat them. Finally, after protests swept the nation, police in New Delhi will provided guards on buses and ensure that bus drivers protected their passengers rather than join in assaulting them. Of course, a persistent problem is  fear on the part of  women to come forth and describe these assaults. They are worried if they go to the police, they will be the ones arrested!!