Delmon Young Strikes Out!

Delmon Young is an outfielder for the Detroit Tiger baseball team, at present that is, because he has a tendency to open his big mouth and insult those around them. Of course, if he was betting 300 or higher, his baseball team would ignore these childish antics and reward him with lots and lots of money. Mr. Young was in New York City for a series with the Yankees when he decided it was time to get drunk at the Hilton Hotel.

As he left the hotel, a group of men were entering. They had just halted for a few moments to give some money to a panhandler when by accident Jason Shink must have touched the body of this idol of ball playing. For some reason, Delmon cursed the panhandler calling him a “fucking Jew.” Neither Jason nor his friends are Jewish so they were confused and wound up getting pushed by the drunk from motor city.

Mystery  of life: Are all panhandlers in New York City Jewish?