Delusions Of Grandeur

Anthony Weiner went on another tirade against an intern who made some remarks. What she said or did not say is of no importance. Weiner is a member of the world of politics, a sanctuary in which men and women portray themselves as heroic figures whose presence is required if society is to pursue its daily life. They are convinced each comment made carries import that goes beyond the normal expressions of ordinary humans. Of course, what they say today is forgotten by 99.9% of humans and the only people who remember a single aspect of their tirade is a member of their personal family. Their words disappear into the winds of time without a trace. Mr.Weiner is convinced that he IS needed in the city of New York. He actually believes that his
program for New York City makes sense and would change lives.

Mr.Weiner reminds me of the little boy who was last chosen when teams were being created on the elementary school fields of play. He was the one who hopped around desperately waving arms in hope the captain would call out his name. He is a little boy who became a congressman and did not pass a single law during his term of office. However, he did make a lot of noise.