Demagogue In A Skirt?

The history of America is replete with examples of political leaders who exploited hatred and anger in order to gain votes. During the 1950s, Senator Joseph McCarthy shouted, “communist” at anyone who challenged his interpretation of history. During the 1930s, Father Coughlin ranted against “Jewish bankers” as the cause of the Depression while Senator Huey Long promised everyone money and food if he received their vote. Today, Sarah Palin blinks her eyes and displays a smile while accusing anyone who opposes her views of being a SOCIALIST although it is doubtful if she has the slightest concept as to the meaning of the word. Some might argue no one ever went broke betting on the gullibility of the American people.

One might argue Sarah is a fool in sheep’s clothing who wants to create a modern version of the 18th century. She has absolutely no knowledge of how from day one of this nation, we had a national bank–Bank of the United States, the federal government built roads and canals and liberally interpreted the Constitution on such matters as the purchase of the Louisiana Territory. She is probably the first demagogue in a skirt in American history.

The demagogue is like a candle which shines bright for a few moments or hours, but eventually the flames flicker out and the candle disappears on the dustbin of history.