Dementia Rules France

President Nicholas Sarkozy is supposedly a bright man, but every so often out slips from his mouth confusing words which suggest the French leader might be in early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. He was speaking in Alsace, an area in the north of France and while discussing distortions uttered the following words, “I don’t say that because I am in Germany….er.. because I am in Alsace.” In French, he would be saying, “Allegmagne” but apparently it sounded like Alsace. That wasn’t bad enough. He went on to explain his slip of the tongue by saying, “Now you know why I put a lot of money into dependency.” The word in French he meant to say was, “demence(dementia) but out came dependance. It is so nice to know at times of economic crisis we have as leaders a group of men and women who can not express clearly what they mean. Imagine what they mean about economic recovery?

As an American, I can not really poke fun at foreign politicians. We have the Republican party for whom logic and common sense are words they have never encountered. Put it this way, ‘intelligence’ is a stranger who has never knocked on the door of a Republican leader.