Democracy Ain’t My Desire!

A new survey of Swedes in the age bracket, 18-29, reveals some interesting results for men and women who are being raised in a democratic society. A new Worlds Value survey shows that 21% of this age group in Sweden would be more than willing to changing their party allegiance if someone would pay them some money. More than 25% were willing to vote for an MP who would get them a job or give a job to a member of their family or close friend. According to the survey, 26% of those from 18-29 believe it would be a good or very good thing if a “strong leader who doesn’t care about a Riksdag(legislature) or an election” ruled Sweden. When older Swedes were posed the same question, 97% backed the concept of a democracy.

The group that was surveyed had jobs, about the same level of education, and many belonged to a church. We hypothesize this result reflects a growing world wide attitude among those in this age bracket that the only important thing is for them to have the right to do their own thing. Politics is boring. History is boring. Cell phones are exciting. They are among the most ahistorical generations in human history. Heck, we doubt if 30% of Americans in this age bracket would support the Bill of Rights.