Democracy Can End Turkish-Kurd Dispute

For nearly three decades there has been conflict between the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the government of Turkey over issues of self determination. The Kurdish people are spread over Turkey, Iran and Iraq and currently the semi-autonomous region of Iraq headed by Massoud Barzani offers an example of Kurdish people ruling themselves. Barzani told the media that continued conflict will never solve problems between Kurds and Turks. “Everybody knows that this problem can not be solved through war and violence.” He argued the best solution is by an opening toward democracy on the part of Turkey.

Barzani offered to use his office as a source of mediation between Turkish Kurds and their government. His argument is sound. Pass legislation ending discrimination against Kurds in Turkey. Establish programs to stimulate economic development and improve education in order to send more Kurds to institutions of higher learning. It is through such efforts the allure of violence is best combated.