Democracy Challenged

Once upon a time there was a college professor who taught students about constitutional law. He was a nice man, he believed in equal rights and opposed efforts by the government to abridge the rights of citizens. This nice man was elected president of the United States of America and decided since he now was responsible for the safety of all Americans it was his duty to ensure that bad people did not hurt good American people. OK, so he had to take away the right of Americans to be secure in their homes against government. He was simply protecting them against all those bad people. The White House made clear that President Obama had the rigtht to check phone records of all Americans.

The Obama claim is among the most sweeping claims to intrusion into the private lives of the American people. Obama insists being able to check phone records is a “critical tool in protecting the natin from terrorist threats.”  Of course, it was a few years ago that private citizen Barack Obama attacked the Bush administration for doing the same thing. There is a point at which individual rights are more important than a “risk” of being attacked.

We do not “win” a war if the price is loss of our freedom. If that occurs, the bad guys have won!