Democracy In Action

The history of the United States of America over the past decade has been an unparalleled attack on this nation, not by Islamist fanatics, but by those who insist they uphold the basic principles of our society. Over the past two years, former constitutional law professor, Barack Obama, has approved of secret seizure of millions of emails in the name of law, order and national security. The National Security Agency has gathered millions of emails through a process supervised by a federal judge sitting in a secret surveillance panel, Fisa, who empowered the government to exam this emails. The NSA also collected millions of US Verizon customers emails and phone calls.

This process began under the administration of George Bush, that noted authority on constitutional law. Obama-Bush believe that an American citizen is not entitled to privacy just because he makes a phone call. He/she should know that when calling another, what is said must be heard by the government in order to save the life of the caller.