Democracy In Iraq

Ten years ago the Gold Dust triplets-Bush/Cheney/ Rumsfeld created a war that had nothing to do with American foreign interests by invading the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. There were Weapons of Mass Destruction pointed at Washington D.C and New York City so what else could the men of wisdom do but invade a country that was already suffering from economic disaster? America got a war.Of course, since the end of WWII the US rarely has been without a war. We invaded, we “won” and we settled down to ten years of brutal conflict with an enemy that eventually included people we had come to liberate from tyranny.

American troops left Iraq last year since “victory” had been achieved. Yesterday, attacks throughout Iraq left 27 people dead and over a hundred wounded in the peaceful land of Iraq. Most experts believe al-Qaida is growing stronger and has now linked up with its allies in Syria.Oh, there will be an election this coming weekend and instead of having Saddam as the leader, the people of Iraq can have another incompetent known as Prime Minister Maliki. Ah, the benefits of having a democracy.