Democracy In Iraq

Nine long, long years ago, the American people were informed by their beloved leader, George Bush, and the dynamic duo of Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld that we simply had to invade Iraq, not only to destroy the WMD which threatened our existence, but to bring the benefits of democracy to the people of Iraq. We sent in troops, we killed Saddam Hussein, we ended his dictatorship and in the process we forced 500,000 of  Iraq’s 800,000 Christians to flee for their lives. Instead of Saddam, they now had the “democratic” government of Shiite leader, Nouri al-Maliki.

Maliki has instituted a reign of terror against the former dominant Sunni community. After allowing a Sunni to become vice prime minister, he then charged Tariq al-Hashemi with creating death squads whose goal was to gain control of the government. Hashemi fled the nation and now will be tried in absentia. He has decided not to attend this trial. “I have a great lack of confidendce and mistrust about the standards of justice.”

I wonder if George Bush during those hours chopping wood ever ponders about the “democracy” he brought to Iraq??