Democracy In Russia, Putin Style!

There are democracies and there is the “democracy” of Russia. Ordinarily, in a democratic society, people are given the right to decide who will be their rulers. An interesting theory, but to former KGB  agent, Vladmir Putin, such a system lacks organization and certainty. Where did anyone get the idea that the purpose of having elections is to wind up with the wrong people getting elected? The  purpose of elections is to validate who already has been elected.

Moscow Governor Boris Gromov ordered local mayors to make sure that Putin’s United Russia  emerged as the victor. Regional officials are given the task of making certain that a certain number of voters vote for the right people. Depending on the region the victory count might range anywhere from 55% to 65%. After all, no one wants to give the impression an election was rigged.

My only question is why waste so much time and money on an election whose outcome is already known?