Democracy In Russia, Putin Style

Even as the latest human rights activist was laid to rest in a grave after being murdered, opposition leaders met with President Medvedev to discuss the non-existence of democracy in their country. Leaders of three opposition parties met with the president about the issue of election fraud who expressed interest in having the topic of election fraud placed on the agenda for discussion, their was a discussion, and all agreed there may have been election fraud which apparently ended the discussion. Look, in Putin, Russia, the essence of democracy is being able to discuss your concerns with elected leaders. They are more than willing to discuss any topic with you. As to the issue of solving a problem, that was not on the agenda submitted by the three opposition leaders. They left feeling successful that their topic was discussed, and the president appeared to be content with the discussion.

What does this meeting prove? It proves conclusively that Russia is a democracy. President Medvedev has met numerous times with opposition leaders and agreed there was need to improve the electoral process. What else does the opposition want from the president? Action?