Democracy In Russia Spelled P U T I N.

There was an election in Russia the past few days, and people did vote. In fact millions of ballots were filled out and sent to be counted. That part is clear. What happened to  ballots and how they were or were not counted is a different story. United Russia which won over 60% of votes in prevous elections came in with less than 50% in this election. It is now quite clear that someone at  headquarters of United Russia fell asleep at the helm. It is one thing to stuff ballot boxes, it is another to fail in stuffing them sufficiently so your party ends up with over 60%.

We have videos depicting ballot box stuffing, we have eye witnesses who saw ballot boxes being counted to make certain United Russia wins the election, and we have Prime Minister Vladmir Putin going to bed certain his party had 60% of the vote. Mikhail Gorbachev, who led the Soviet Union into the era of Russia, denonce the fraud known as “an election.” Authorities “must admit that there have been numerous falsifications and ballot box stuffing.”

Gorbachev and thousands of Russians are demanding a new election in order to ensure the people of Russia decide who is elected, not Putin making the decision. Putin will be upset at a new vote, but it is time to make Vladmir Putin upset!