Democracy Is A Broken Turkey

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has worked to end military rule in his country and in the process sent dozens of military officers to jail. However, in the process he has also imprisoned newspaper reporters and members of opposition parties in order to ensure that his version of “democracy”is the accepted dogma for all Turks. President Abduallah Gul, his ally and fellow member of the Justice and Development Party, increasingly is concerned about the drift toward an autocratic government.  He wants Turkey to respect the rule of law, but that also means Parliament should “represent the full range of colors and views.”

Gull expressed support for arrested members of the Peace and Democracy Party(BDP) and made clear that “no one should be imprisoned for expressing their views through the media.”  Erdogan could only respond to this plea for democracy with “we do not share this opinion.”

Unless Erdogan is curbed not only will political liberty be threatened but so will religious freedom.