Democracy Is A Word Used By Its Opponents

Among modern tragedies none is more comical and disastrous than use of words such as “democratic” by groups seeking to end democracy in their land. Church of Sweden Bishop Lennart Koskinen was shocked to learn that his tent that was set up to speak words of peace and love wound up next to the tent of nationalist immigrant hating Sweden Democrats at Almedalen week on Gotland. Security guards from the neo-Nazi “Democrats” told the bishop to get out of their tent on ground they had a right to free speech. Police arrived on the scene to inform the bishop since Sweden was a democratic nation it had to allow those opposing democracy the right to spew their hate and talk of violence. The bishop was upset because loud speakers at the neighboring tent could drown out his words of peace and love.

We inhabit a world in which political words have lost meaning. Tea Party supporters rant about the Constitution and their rights even as they disrupt members of Congress who are attempting to talk with their constituents. The Tea Party claims it supports the Founding Fathers in opposing big government. Of course, the Founding Fathers were not satisfied with the Articles of Confederation which lacked a strong central government can thus created the Federal government. The Tea Party opposes the Federal Reserve System but under George Washington, his Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton created the Bank of the United States– a federal banking institution. There is scant doubt if Washington was alive today, the last group he would welcome would be the Tea Party.