Democracy Of Saudi Arabia

The United States is engaged in a war against terrorism and fortunately, we have Saudi Arabia on our side in the conflict against evil doers. Of course, the government of Saudi Arabia has provided education and support to the Taliban, and insists that its citizens practice a form of democracy in which everyone has the right and freedom to agree with the government of Saudi Arabia. Turki al-Hamad is a Saudi citizen who supposedly made the wrong remarks for anyone who truly believes in democracy.  He attacked radical Islamists who twisted the ideas of the Prophet Mohammed from one which urged peace and love into a systematic assault on human freedom. The Minister of Interior insists that Mohammed never supported such ideas as democracy and love.

A group of intellectuals urged that Hamad be freed from prison  since   arresting people for expressing their ideas violates the Charter of Human Rights. I am confused, where did these people get the idea that Saudi Arabia believes in the ideas of Human Rights”??