Democrat Wins Special Election!

The 26th Congressional district in northern New York has long been a safe Republican one and it was expected a special election to fill a vacancy caused by the resignation of its congressman would result in the usual Republican win. But, Congressman Paul Ryan’s plan to replace Medicare by Insurance Company Care was passed by the House of Representatives to the enthusiastic approval of Fox News and other leading intellectual centers of conservatism. Kathleen Hochul, the Democratic candidate in the 26th centered her campaign around the issue of Medicare and preserving it. Her opponent, Jane Corwin, supported the Ryan plan and insisted the issue facing America was a high deficit. Jack Davis, the Tea Party candidate, also entered the fray with typical emphasis on ending Medicare as we know it.

The people of New York spoke. Here are the results:

Kathleen Hochul — 48%

Jane Corwin — 42%

Jack Davis —- 9%.

Republicans explain away the victory by the presence of a third party candidate. We can only point to a 48% total for Hochul. If the 9% who voted for Davis had cast their votes for either of the other two, no one knows how they would have voted.

President Obama, you now have evidence most Americans want health care. Draw the line in the sand and do not back down to bully Republicans. Kathleen Hochul spoke the truth and she won.