Democratic Ally Morocco Imprisons Activists

The American government continually casts issues of the world in terms of supporting democracy. This approach is in sharp contrast to post World War II diplomacy which was not based on issues of democracy, but on world security. The assumption was first consideration was to avoiding destructive wars, and secondly, to set in motion long term programs of having nations evolve into more democratic societies. The “Containment Policy,” popularly known as the Truman Doctrine, is in need of being revisited.

The reality is holding democratic elections in the Middle East at this point in time would result in radical groups gaining control of government. Morocco is considered a moderate Muslim nation, but its ruler King Mohammed VI runs a tight ship and imprisons those who fight for democracy. Mohammed Bougrine, age 72, was sentenced to jail last week for “attacking religious values.” He will join seven other activists who are fighting for human rights in Morocco.

President Bush, just about every leader you cite as heading a “democratic society” believes and acts the opposite. Tone down the democracy rhetoric because it is a rarity in the Middle East, and at this point, you should support stability and an end to terrorism. If you wish to play the democracy card it will result in losing support of King Mohammed, Mubarak in Egypt, the King of Saudi Arabia, etc…