Democratic Iran, Land Of Peace Angry At UN

Iran regards itself as a land in which there is true democracy and people enjoy freedoms unknown in the western world. But, for some reason, other nations do not regard Iran which persecutes Bahais and Kurds as a model for democracy. Iran funds terrorist groups like Hizbullah and Hamas but is furious when other nations do not realize Iran fights for peace by engaging in war. The Iranian government warmed UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon against “double standards” after he deplored anti-Israel statements from President Ahmadinejad. Ban had deplored the Iranian’s use of the conference platform to “accuse, divide and even incite.” In the view of Iran’s UN Ambassador Mohammed Khazaee his boss can say anything he wants, incite any hate he desires and it is the duty of the UN to accept his speeches without comment. Now, if an Israeli attacked Iranian diplomats that is another issue.
Iran has turned a conference into a circus by focusing on a single nation. It would have been impressive if Iran had confronted its own abuse of human rights and the rights of women. But, of course, if Iranians mistreat it is done in the name of God or peace.