“Democratic” Israel Seeks Ban On Assembly!

I come from a generation of Jews who were in the fore front of the fight for human justice in the United States and in the world. Jewish union leaders were beaten by the police for organizing workers in demonstrations that were deemed to be illegal. Rabbis walked side-by-side with Martin Luther King as they were challenged by armed police claiming they had no right to assemble and demonstrate for social justice. They were beaten, but Rabbis held their heads high because in marching for freedom they were marching as Jews for the basic values of the Jewish religion. Alas, such is not the case in “democratic”Israel.

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner of the Israel Law Center, has called upon Attorney General Yehuda  Weinstein to arrest hundreds of activists who are arriving at Ben Gurion airport in order to demonstrate support for the Palestinian cause.
“We are asking him to put them on trial. This is criminal activity… which is a breach of several laws including unauthorized assembly and crossing the border when they have been told not to come here.”

Sorry, Ms. Leitner and all Israelis with such attitudes, the essence of a democracy is that people have a right to assemble in order to express their ideas. If you disagree with their views meet them in the assembly of open debate. The real question is how can we Jews move from Rabbis fighting for social justice to rabbis hating Palestinians?