Democratic Party Commie Plot!

The American people cans sleep peacefully tonight since Republican Congressman, Allen West, is on watch against the evil hordes of Communist Muslim fanatics who seek to impose their commie Sharia law that ends religion as we know it. West charged that over 75 plus Democratis in Congress were secret members of the Communist party. He pointed out the Progressive Caucus is for health care and the Communist Party of America is for health care. One plus one =two, doesn’t it.

I am glad West is finally bringing into the open Commie ideas of Barack Obama. Examine the FACTS! The Obama administration gave bailout money to Wall Street  bankers– you know, the bankers who hate communism. Why? He knew that Wall Street bankers would wreck the American economy which would cause millions to lose jobs. These millions would then turn to Communism. Is that now clear? Obama is not only a secret Muslim fanatic, he is a commie who hates religion. Is that clear?