Democrats Abroad Hold First World Primary

Democrats Abroad will have the first global primary for Americans in history. Us citizens who are living in various countries around the world will have an opportunity to cast their ballot in a world-wide Democratic primary. Yvette Jarvis of Democrat Abroad Greece says there is unusual interest in the 2008 elections and she has picked up strong sentiment for Barack Obama in Greece. Individuals can vote in person or online and those coming from states which require a personal presence can still go ahead and cast their ballot in this first even global primary election.

We are witnessing a new global awareness in which individuals leave a country to work and live elsewhere on the planet, but still maintain feelings about their homeland. In a sense, this is creating a new concept of a world citizen who is involved regardless of where they are physically located.

  • John Muller

    I love and support Yvette Jarvis!

  • John Muller

    I support Yvette Jarvis!
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