Democrats Cut Rather Than Spend

Senator John Kerry revealed a plan by members of the Democratic party which would result in spending cuts of over $2.5 Trillion. Most cuts would come from Medicare and other social programs. In theory, the plan seeks about $200 billion in job creation. Yes, America has a large national debt. Yes, America in the past had a large national debt. Yes, in the past the Democratic party focused on jobs and rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure.

Reducing government expenditures and firing government workers INCREASES unemployment, it does not generate more money flowing into the economy. We need more people working. We need more people purchasing goods. We need to rebuild our infrastructure and this task would create millions of jobs.

Let’s return to the Democratic party which represents interests of the middle class and poor people and cease this over concern for the wealthy. And, by the way, the wealthy will NOT vote for a Democratic candidate for president.