Democrats Hide Benghazi Suspect-WHY?

A bearded man who the Obama administration claims is among those who participated in the most brutal and heinous criminal action in American history, the infamous Benghazi Attack is now present on American soil. I realize there are naive people who regard the attack on Pearl Harbor as a greater blow at the United States, but any right thinking, God-fearing American knows THE most significant event in American history is the death of FOUR AMERICANS! Just think about this: FOUR AMERICAN LIVES were lost. And,who is responsible for these horrific death totals? None other than HILLARY CLINTON! Ahmed Abu Khattala was seized by Special Forces in Benghazi and sent to America vis a ship. Question: Why was he not flown to America? The answer is simple: this provided the Obama administration an opportunity to brain wash this man into telling a story that he murdered Ambassador Stevens because of some anti-Muslim video.

All those who really love America want the truth to be told. And, what is the truth? This Khattala attacked because of a carefully planned al-Qaeda assault which had nothing to do with a video. Hillary Clinton LIED about the reason for the attack. Why? We now can reveal the truth. Hillary Clinton planned this murder in order to— a secret informant revealed to me that Stevens was the secret homosexual lover of Bill Clinton, which she did not want revealed!! Stevens was the lover of Monica Lewinsky and knew all about sexual pervasion between Monica and Hillary and Bill. Hillary Clinton wanted to cover up this sex scandal!!