Democrats Stand For Justice To Wealthy Folk

I was raised under the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman and John Kennedy. I do not recall any of these Democrats who believed it was the duty of Democrats to stand up for billionaire justice. FDR blasted wealthy men, Harry Truman told them to go to hell, and Kennedy would not bend before their threats. Ah, but that was then, today is now. The leader of the Democratic Party seeks to find “common ground” with Republicans when it comes to taxing wealthy folk. In 2001, George Bush gave them a gift worth over a billion dollars in tax cuts and brave Democrats fear saying tax cuts which cost the nation about $3 trillion in debt and if not ended will cost this nation about another $4 trillion in debt must be preserved in order to display justice to those who only have a few million bucks. We now live in the era of Barack “Backbone of a Chocolate Eclair” Obama who fucked up the health care plan and now has lost whatever guts he once possessed. There is NO justification for further tax benefits for the wealthy. Latest figures indicate the top 1% of folk in this nation control 23.5% of our wealth. Yes, Barack, this is too low a figure, how about getting it up to 35%?

I believe we live in an era in which both parties have failed. I write this as a Democrat who has voted for the Democratic Party during the past 60 years. I am not leaving the Democratic Party, the party has left me and is now in bed with Wall Street.