Denmark Cracks Down On Iraqi Refugees

One of the tragedies of the Iraq war was the need for over two million people to flee the nation in search of safety. Many have gone to European nations such as Denmark. Their arrival has undoubtedly posed issues for Europeans such as what constitutes the right of asylum for people who might face death or brutality if returned to their nation of birth. Yesterday in Copenhagen, police brutally removed 19 Iraqi asylum seekers from their shelter at the Bronson’s church where they have been given a place to live. Former Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, blasted the police action. “It went beyond the bounds of common humanity and decency.” Videos taken of the eviction depict an officer beating a young woman numerous times with his truncheon.

Danish officials argue they have reached an agreement with Iraq to allow refugees to return and they are assured no one will be hurt in the process. Of course, each day there are bomb attacks and dozens of people are killed and wounded. The assurance would carry more weight if it was given by a nation at peace.

  • Frederik

    you must understand that they came to Denmark when Iraq was ruled by Saddam- their reason to be in denmark has vanished since saddams dictatorship is no more .

    on the same day as these iraqis were removed from the church, 4 iraqis were convicted and expelled from denmark because they raped a 14 year old virgin girl, orally, vaginally, and annally- no reason to ask who the danish commie media and their allies sympethies´ with, because that is pretty clear.
    and btw the first Iraqi spokesman from the church in denmark is convicted of smuggling 1 kilo of heroin into the country-Denmark of course needs good citizens like that

  • Anne from Denmark

    That is so much bull!!! Denmark needs help to overcome its egoism and great fear. Many of theese people has flet, because they are in great danger if they return to their birth country. But the danish laws has become so strict the last 8 years on the foreigner field, that they need to have papers, which says that they are wanted by the government of Iraq….one of the men from the church flew after he and his brother denied to go in an terror organisation, afterwards the brother was killed and the young man escaped. Afterwards his mother was killed to. This is 3 years ago.. Denmark is on its way to let these people get killed in a country, where we had a war in a few years ago. We are many people againt this!!!!!

  • The frustrated from Denmark

    Its a sad time to be a dane, when we let this happen. I am so ashamed of how my country has developed the last 8 years. It is not what it has been. But with the demonstration August 13 it showed that there is another Denmark -who is really unhappy with the danish government! Denmark needs help from the international soceity to take responsability!!!

  • Carl

    The demos only show we have a lot of fascist thugs who violently desire to force their will on the people.
    The people massively back the police on this.