Denmark Has New Border Controls

The government of Denmark has introduced new procedures to guard their borders against entry by hordes of Huns from the plains of Asia. Under pressure from right wing political leaders, dozens of custom agents are now guarding the borders of their country. Reports indicate concern over the possible arrival of drunken Swedes who create problems in Copenhagen pubs. Right wingers are worried about illegal merchandise and illegal people crossing their borders. After all, we Americans know only too well that sending a few thousand Border Patrol guys to our southern boundary will definitely half influx of “them people” who work for lower wages. Of course, the entire premise of the European Union is the right of free passage among nations of their citizens.

I am certain Denmark will be able to stop those Japanese tourists who carry around cameras and those loud speaking Americans who are demanding and rude. Let’s keep Denmark for the Danes. I will be more than happy going to Denmark and purchasing a Danish–legally, that is.