Denmark-Making A Hash Out Of Hash!

It has been common for years that anyone seeking to pick up some hash wandered down to Pusher street in the city’s Christiana area in order to chat and get what they desired in drugs. About six years ago, the police made a series of raids in hope this would dampen the drug trade. As in similar attempts to wipe out drugs with violence and laws, the effort failed. Police continue their raids, some pushers decide the hassle is too much and depart either for warmer drug climes or seek another occupation. Peter Ibsen, president of the police association, argues, “if the goal was to stop trafficking of hashish in Christiana, then it has absolutely not succeeded.”

Some political leaders would prefer going back to the old days when police ignored the issue because today drugs are increasingly under the control of tough gangs who have the resources to withstand the police. The police one unintended outcome of the raids was to spread the drug traffic to other areas.

When will they ever learn?