Denmark Moves Toward Dual Citizenship Rights

Foreigners living in Denmark have been compelled to give up their original citizenship in order to obtain Danish citizenship. The New Alliance, the nation’s newest political party, is preparing to introduce new legislation in parliament which would make dual citizenship legal in their nation. Current laws forbid a Danish person living in another country to take citizenship in that nation without surrendering their Danish rights. Mikhail Godfredsen, a political consultant with the new Alliance points out: “We’re more or less living in a world without borders nowadays. The current law is somewhat obsolete when we have so many Danes working and living abroad or married to a foreigner. You don’t give up your nationality just because you live elsewhere.”

The new legislation would allow foreigners working in Denmark to secure all rights of a Danish citizen including the right to vote. Naturally, opponents will bring up the issue of terrorists, but most European nations allow dual citizenship and they are not being disturbed by terrorists.