Denmark Needs Foreigners!

The issue of too many foreigners within the United States is among the most hotly
debated topics, but in many nations like Denmark, the opposite discussion is
occurring as the government looks at figures and realizes there simply are not
enough native born Danes to staff the work force. The Copenhagen Institute for
Future Studies is calling for relaxing immigration laws because there is a short
fall of about 100,000 jobs in the coming years that can only be filled by foreign
workers. A suggestion that is receiving greater attention is identifying nations,
like the United States in which millions of young workers can not find acceptable
jobs, and entice them to live in Denmark.

The issue has never been illegal or legal immigrants. The issue is identifying
people from other lands who either have the knowledge or are willing to work
at society’s dirty jobs and allow them to enter the United States. The need for
workers will be a central issue in many societies in this century.