Dennis Rodman, Modern Martin Luther King

Dennis Rodman, former NBA star who wanders the world wearing his red hair in search of new ways to make a few bucks, has become the bosom buddy of North Korea thug, Jim Jong-un who he embraces as a man of the people. Millions, and I mean, millions, of North Koreans have died of hunger or spend their days in concentration camps where one works seven days a week and gets scraps of food to eat along with some soup. Kim Jong-un two weeks ago fed his uncle to starving dogs because the man angered him for one reason or another. Anyway, Dennis wants to help celebrate the January 8th birthday of his buddy and has collected a team of former NBA stars to play a game of basketball against a North Korean basketball team. Most of these players are of African American heritage and will make few thousand dollars playing basketball in a land ruled by thugs who brutalize innocent people. You know, they will be doing the same thing as was done by Martin Luther King, allying themselves with the Asian brand of the KKK.

Jackie Robinson marched alongside Martin Luther King in the fight to end prejudice. He entered the business world and fought to end discrimination and provide workers decent pay. Today, Michael Jordan responded to question about who makes his sneakers(child labor is involved) with the comment that he just sells sneakers, and doesn’t give a damn who makes them. Jordan and Rodman, modern heroes in the fight for human decency!!