Denying The Climate Deniers!

At a recent global warming conference in Copenhagen, Steven Sherwood, a climate expert from Yale, told the meeting that people will not be able to adapt to a warmer climate as readily as has been believed. He emphasized the human body has physiological limits and this in itself will impact where people live. “There will be some places on Earth where it would simply be impossible to lose heat. this is quite imaginable if we continue burning fossil fuels.” Sherwood noted that ” a warming of only few degrees will cause large parts of the globe to experience peak wet bulb temperatures that never occur today.”

There are those who believe the Sherwood argument is just so much hot air, and there is nothing to worry about because some people believe worrying is part of some SOCIALIST PLOT to destroy capitalism. For some reason, climate deniers enjoy the role of saying, “no.” It is too bad some of us will not be around thirty years from now to see the beginning of what will happen.