Depardieu Departs Reality

French actor Gerard Depardieu used to be  rather slim and active, but today he has become transformed into a rather heavy set man who spends his life worrying about money. Gerard has left France because taxes were raised on the wealthy and now resides in Belgium. Russian President Vladimir Putin rushed to offer sanctuary in his fairy land of peace and love by granting the Frenchman citizenship in HIS Russia. Depardieu sent a letter to the bully of Russia in which he termed Putin a great  man and Russia a “great democracy.” This has led to Russians mocking the over weight film star.

Far-left politician Eduard Limovov suggested to Gerard, “come to Triumfainaya Square on Janury 31 with your new Russian passport in your pocket. Our French  friedn, here’s an invitation to a real historical role.” He can now get beat up thrrown in jail, tortured and even  killed in the great democracy of Putinland.

Gerard, to be a Russian citizen, you have to tell authorities where you live and under no conditions make any negative remarks about   Putin.