Depart! Demands Recep Erdogan!

Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has won three elections, he has gained a large majority in Parliament and he has slowly been pushing for Muslim ideas to become the law. Mr. Erdogan is not accustomed to others demanding the right to do things he does not like. Turkish riot police were back in Taksim Square and they were again beating upon protesting Turks who refuse to accept the building plans of their prime minister. Water cannon swept across the square, tear gas canisters fell on the ground as people attempted to protec their eyes. The prime minister was not apologetic. “I am sorry ut Gezi Park is for taking promenades, not for occupation.”

Erdogan has lost the respect of a significant part of the nation. Every President Gul is asking for consideration of demands posed by protesters. But, the police continue their attacks. The real issue is what happens if Erdogan becomes the next president and decides to extend his religious program that is bound to anger not nly secular Turks, but even religious ones? It will be a nation torn apart by religous conflict.