Department Of Common Sense Needed For Oil Spill

The conservative mantra in the United States is finding a way to prevent the American government from doing anything because government is the problem, not the business community. Of course, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal who is a darling of the conservative right is now blasting the Federal government for failure to act because it is impossible for state governments to deal with the oil spill. However, there is a local official who believes the problem stems from too much bureaucracy and too little creative thinking. P.J. Hahn, director of management for Plaquemines parish in Louisiana is convinced there are solutions to the problem, but no one will listen. “If I was king, I would have two offices, the department of thinking outside the box and the department of common sense.” He is proposing constructing twenty miles of berms –man made ridge barriers–which would allow oil to wash ashore them and then be readily handled. It would cost about $240,000,000 and be accomplished in a month.

We are not experts on oil removal, but this might be the type of creative thinking which is absent when any bureaucrat assumes responsibility for solving a problem. The Tea Party has never figured out that the problem is NOT the federal government, it is ALL GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRATS at all levels of government.