Deployments Forever?

I recently encountered a member of our armed forces who was headed to Afghanistan on his ninth deployment. He was rather unhappy at once again heading for the pleasant clime of that Muslim nation. He is not upset at the local population and feels sorrow more than anger towards those experiencing war conducted by the Taliban. As he talked, my mind had an image of American soldiers in 2025 deploying for the silver anniversary of fighting in Afghanistan. President Mildred Turner assured the nation we could see light at the end of the tunnel and she was confident an honest and effective government would soon lead Afghanistan.

I participated in the Korean War which increasingly comes across as rather “civilized” since a soldier put in his time and then headed back home to be ignored by those who couldn’t have cared less about fighting in some place named, “Korea.” At least, your fighting time had a limit! Today, we send these wonderful young(some will soon be old) people off to fight in a war that will never conclude until Afghanistan has a government that is respected.

Oh well, is it possible we will be fighting at our golden anniversary?