Destroy The Airport

American policy in Afghanistan for over a decade has been to build military bases, airports and other facilities in order to destroy the Taliban. Ah, but by the end of next year most US troops will have departed from the land far, far away in which chaos and corruption reign. Losgistics teams at Forward Operating Base Sharana are currently engaged in destroying the airport which is believed to be lacking in Afghan forces in order to prevent its capture by the Taliban. The base would cost $250 million to operate and there is scant belief the current Afghan government could handle the cost. So, blast away.

The Afghan government is now demanding that destruction be halted at such bases. I guess someone in higher authority realized they could sell these bases to the Taliban and make some money. Let’s face reality, Hamid Karzai is president of Aghanistan and that includes his Taliban citizens. Save the airbase, save the Taliban. Save the Karzai government. Let’s MAKE MONEY!