Destroy Them, The Destroyers!!

The world should be eternally grateful for the presence of Vladimir Putin whose fight for human justice is unparalleled in human history. He has refused to turn away from confronting the most terrifying presence in our lives. Like a knight in shining armor the man of steel, the man who can leap buildings in his quest to preserve all that we hold dear, will never cease in his defense of all our lives. His chief spokesperson, a Mr. Mamontov, pinpointed the danger to our lives: “I believe that an influential gay minority is holding the governments of Germany, France, England and Holland by the the throat and telling them do that.” What is the “that” that must be done?

Make every marriage between a person of the same sex. Make us all perverts in sin. End the institution of traditional marriage and replace it with fornication between those of the same sex. But, do not fear, Vladimir is here. As long as Putin punts for glory of God and sex between those of the opposite sex, we remain free to fuck the normal way. Up the cross of correct sex, down the evil of perverted humans. God Bless Putin and Love!