Destruction In The Desert

Burned out tanks were sitting along the road which led from Tripoli to Benghazi. Troops sent by Muammar Gaddafi had undoubtedly been shocked when French planes zoomed down upon their column and sent missiles hurtling into vehicles. Hundreds fled in panic, abandoning their tanks or trucks and headed for houses along the road in order to change from uniforms into civilian clothes. However, dozens were not so lucky and their burned corpses lay in the fields awaiting teen age rebels who stripped them of any valuables and gleefully shouted words of defiance. The carnage was the result of a refusal on the part of Gaddafi to halt his forces and accept a no-fly zone.

At the UN, Russia which has billions of dollars worth of arms contracts with Libya was shouting anger at the debacle in the desert. Prime Minister Putin wold the media he was upset at the resolution that allowed bombing. “The resolution is defective and flawed. It allows evrythinhg. It resembles medieval calls for a crusade.” Of course, there is some irony in this statement, given that Putin was the one responsible for the horrible war against Muslim Chechnya.

The issue is clear– Gaddafi halts his program of genocide against rebels or innocent people will die.