A hurricane followed closely after an earthquake and millions of Americans were glued to their TV sets awaiting the latest news from the US Government regarding how to survive the disaster. I did not come across a single Tea Party member urging people to avoid contact with the Federal Government and handle the oncoming disaster on their own–the way our ancestors supposedly dealt with such calamities. The National Oceanographic  and Atmospheric Administration, the parent of the National Weather Service, is struggling for funding in order to ensure the American people have accurate information in times of stress.

I am certain members of the Tea Party would prefer to deal with disasters on their own.  Most probably some of these folk enjoy hunting and fishing in park reserves or enjoying the beauty of nature. I am confused. How could one enjoy such benefits while at the same time demanding reduction in Federal aid to those institutions? Perhaps, those houses of Tea Party folk who hate the federal government might paint signs on their doors and we will avoid evacuating them in times of flooding. After all, we don’t want them feeling like whimps.