Diamonds Are Robert Mugabe’s Best Friend

There is an old expression about “diamonds being a girl’s best friend,” but to Zimbabwe dictator, Robert Mugabe, they are his ticket to remain as chief thug of the country for the coming decade. After ousting South African companies from the Chladzwa fields of his country, luck became his companion because an incredibly rich find of diamonds made Zimbabwe a rich nation. Of course, none of this money will find its way into the hands of ordinary citizens, but Bobby Mugabe and his cronies and fellow thugs will gain incredible wealth. Experts say this is the “biggestyfind of alluvial diamonds in the history of humanity.” Kimberly Process, the diamond industry watchdog has allowed diamonds from these fields to be sold on the international market. In a nutshell, this means US and EU economic sanctions which were placed on Mugabe in order to force restoration of human rights are now meaningless.

Reports indicate the Zimbabwe army controls the diamond fields and is compelling people to work as virtual slave laborers in order to extract diamonds that will flow into hands of army and government leaders. I guess diamonds are not the best friend of most people.