Dick Cheney Did Not Chain In CIA Assassination Program

New revelations indicate former vice president Dick Cheney oversaw a program entailing assassination of alleged al-Qaida operatives in all parts of the world. Former intelligence officials claim Cheney modeled the program after the Israeli Mossad which kills those who they regard as enemies regardless of where the individual is living. The Cheney program involved sending operatives into other nations, killing people and never informing the local government of what was going on. There are few people, let alone nations, that Dick Cheney trusts with information so he went ahead having American operatives kill without sanction. One particular killing in Kenya created a diplomatic crisis since Americans never told the Kenya government what was going on. The world can well imagine the reaction of Dick Cheney if foreign operatives killed people in America without letting him know.

Cheney apparently justified violating the law on ground the United States was engaged in a war and therefore the executive has complete discretion to kill whom they deemed justified in being killed. Some members of Congress have finally become angry and aroused at the Bush administration blatant violation of American law which forbids assassinations in other countries.

Anna Eshoo, a Democrat on the House Intelligence committee said: “we need a full investigation” and called for an independent counsel to be appointed. President Obama has refused to proceed with investigating violations of the law on ground it would only be divisive. The president of this nation is responsible for ENFORCING THE LAW regardless of who is inconvenienced or not. It is time for Obama to cease playing the “cool man” and show some anger at the disregard for our Constitution on the part of Bush and Cheney!!