Dick Cheney Is Mad!

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is mad and getting angrier by the moment. First, he had to deal with that chicken President Bush who lacked the balls to declare a national emergency, arrest all those who doubted Bush administration actions, and, announce from now on, not only will torture be legal, but it will be public. After suffering through Bush who had the backbone of a chocolate eclair, he now has to endure Republican leaders who shout “lie” at the president. Shouting is for weaklings, and as far as Dick is concerned, only a dickless man would consider it brave to shout curses at the president.

Dick wants action! And, he wants it now! First, it’s about time Barack Obama, the African born liar, should be impeached and replaced by a real American, like someone born in Alaska. Dick is getting irritated with the shouting and yelling, and asking when will the NRA take some action and protect America from the jack booted police.

Dick, let’s be honest, they don’t make dicks like you anymore. I appreciate your willingness to allow the Texas dick to pretend he was president, that took some real balls. But, now you are stuck with Samba dancing Sanford, the mouth that roars nonsense Sarah Palin, and George chopping wood in Texas.